Company for produce stone radiators


Mermo lux d.o.o.

is the leading produce company of natural stone radiators. We produce electric marble radiators since 1990.  Welcome to the natural stone world.  

Marble heating is our business, welcome!


Mermo lux is a company that operates in this area for 30 years.

We are one of the first to have offered this type of product on the market. All these years growing and developing in order to better, professional and quality business. Quality and innovative approach we managed to impose itself as a leader in the production of marble radiators.

Proof are hundreds of satisfied customers throughout Europe. Our products are sold in 15 countries worldwide. Today, our offer consists of over 50 types of marble radiators.

During these years of successful operations we have acquired vast experience, introduced many innovations, and every day we try to make something new and better.


Our products are for equipping office buildings, houses, households and many other areas where needed combination of quality, elegance and efficiency.

We build our future on the foundations of experience, quality and confirming the quality of our clients.