Company for produce stone radiators


Mermo lux d.o.o.

is the leading produce company of natural stone radiators. We produce electric marble radiators since 1990.  Welcome to the natural stone world.  

Marble heating is our business, welcome!

Electric radiators

Can be produce in thickness 3 i 4 cm.

Granite and marble heating radiators, the heating system of the future.

The radiators from nature.

If you are looking for an innovative and cost-effective heating system, granite and marble heaters made in Mermo lux is one of the best choices.


Back to the nature. Helps to prevent the allergic irritation providing  pleasant environment.


The natural material goes together with the environment friendly heating without dust, smoke or noise.


This not only provides a low cost heating alternative.

Using the high density of the natural stone (excellent heat storage characteristic) the Mermo lux radiators gave very good economical result. The construction of the heaters provides that the 70% of the heat is dissipated on the front panel.


The required space is minimal. It can be used in bathrooms or in any other room with high humidity. Long life without any maintenance.

GUARANTEE - 5 years.